Dr. Irene Iris

Dr Irena Eris Skincare

Dr. Irena Eris is a luxurious brand that manufactures fantastic dermocosmetic products of the highest quality.

Dr Irena Eris Skin care products are made from a true passion for beauty and care. The company values quality and luxury very highly, and always tries to be innovative and honest in everything they do.

The products are designed for women who, like the brand itself, appreciate quality and luxury. Their products continue to perform well
well and used all over the world because Dr. Irena Eris consistently adheres to their values and makes products based on this.

The pioneering forms that Dr. Irena Eris uses in their products are made with the help of several beauty experts, based on the very latest technology, and special, hard-to-find ingredients. The products are all developed at The Scientific Research Center Dr. Irena Eris, in collaboration with several independent cosmetic institutes.

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